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About This Site

The APEC Knowledge Bank is a web-based repository of education policy and practical resources from the Asia-Pacific Region, created to provide research-based information to:

Education Policymakers ~ to assist with the development of effective education reform policies.
School Administrators ~ to enhance their implementation of education policies to create the greatest impact.
Researchers ~ to access current articles, studies, statistics and ideas to further development of reforms.

The Knowledge Bank contains links to websites and documents which highlight policy, promising practices, and evidence-based research in the four priority areas identified by the APEC Education Ministers at the 2004 EDNET meeting in Santiago, Chile. These priority areas are:

Using Information Technology to Support Teaching and Learning;
Mathematics and Science Instruction;
Learning Each Otherís Languages; and
Governance and Systemic Reform-Centralization and Decentralization of Education.

Items in the Knowledge Bank are selected for their relevance to APEC economies, their timeliness, and how well they match the four priority areas.