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 Overview of Australian Government Indigenous Education Programmes
Entry Name:
Document Language:  English
Author(s)/Organization(s):  Australian Government: Department of Education, Science & Training
Description:  This site provides details on the goals and initiatives set by the Australian Government to improve the quality of education and improve the learning outcomes of Indigenous students, including the National Indigenous English Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (NIELNS)
  • Governance » Governance - Reforming Management » Policy & Planning

  • Governance » Governance - Reforming Management » Practice

  • Governance » Governance - Reforming Management » Equity Issues

  • Math & Science » Math » Improving Teaching » Equity Issues

  • Foreign Language » Foreign Language Learning » Equity Issues

APEC Member(s) Covered:  Australia
Resource Type(s):  Member Policy Reports
Format: URL
Publishing Date: Jan, 1 2003
APEC Project(s):  
Contributing APEC Member(s):  Australia
Date Item Updated:  December 22, 2003
Status:  Active

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