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About APEC

  • Who is APEC ? APEC (the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) was formed in 1989 as a mechanism for multilateral cooperation among the economies of the Asia-Pacific region. APEC has a membership of 21 economic jurisdictions, a population of over 2.5 billion, and a combined GDP of 19 trillion US dollars, which accounts for 47 percent of world trade.
  • What does APEC do ? : APEC aims to sustain growth, development, and improved living standards in the Asia-Pacific region and the world and to promote free trade. APEC provides a forum for high level discussion on a broad range of issues related to these goals, including improving education systems.

  • Where is APEC from ? : APEC initially operated as an informal grouping of economies. In 1993, relations were formalized - a secretariat was established in Singapore and member economies began contributing to a small central fund. APEC has several working groups in areas like telecommunications and environmental conservation. Education and training issues are worked on as part of APEC's Human Resource Development Working Group.
  • What is APEC's Involvement in Education? In 1992, Education Ministers from 14 member economies agreed to coordinate joint activities in the field of education through an APEC Education Forum. Representatives of ministries of education and other educational organizations from member economies participate in the Forum, now known as the Education Network (EDNET). In April 2004, EDNET's Ministers met for the 3rd APEC Education Ministerial Meeting in Santiago, Chile. Their ideas for addressing "Skills for the Coming Challenges" are captured in their Joint Statement from the meeting.
  • Additionally, the APEC Education Foundation (AEF), a non-profit, grant-making organization, was established in 1995 to support APEC endeavors towards shared prosperity and community building in Asia and the Pacific by advancing the cause of education and human resources development in APEC economies. The Foundation promotes research and scholarship, educational cooperation and community spirit in Asia-Pacific region through programs of grants and special initiatives in the areas of APEC priorities.